Stop that Bully!


If someone threatens your well-being, never take it with a grain of salt, their intentions are serious, If you are subjected to bullying online, via text messages in person, or via email, verbally, physically, emotionally, socially,  religiously, financially, or otherwise, report it ASAP.  Children and adults are victims of bullying.

Parents never let this type of situation slide, notify school administrators, teachers, other staff members,  other parents, and  law enforcement officials. Bullying occurs in the workplace, personal life, schools, intimate relationships, and among friends, strangers, babysitters, and sometimes unfortunately siblings and cousins, co-workers, and acquaintances.

Here's an important question,  what is the difference between bullying and aggression?

Learn more about A Relational Framework for Understanding Bullying: Developmental Antecedents and Outcomes

Written  Anita Johnson-Brown and staff

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