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The Story of Miser and Stranger

Here's an interesting story a wealthy miser told me, I once struggled to make it to the top, and I held on to a deep secret, he said "if he ever became a millionaire, he would share it with his friends" but by the time he made his first million, he looked back, and although he had many friends, to begin with, none of those friends supported him when he was trying to succeed, so, unfortunately, he could not think of one friend to share his millions with, so he donated half of every dollar he earned to a stranger, however, The stranger in return, decided he did not want the rich miser's money! all he ever wanted was a true friend. The stranger returned the miser's money and said "thank you, but I wish to earn my keep and hold on to my dignity"  so the miser offered the stranger a job, Now, Miser and Stranger are now the best of friends.

What did I say,  wow! there's true love in real friendship. 


Written by Anita Johnson-Brown

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